Oil and Gas Royalties


CFIP specializes in the CASH purchase of oil and gas royalties and mineral right. Convert royalty interest into cash for other operations and raise cash using assets vs. equity.

We also buy from estates and individuals. We buy oil royalties and buy gas royalties interests from, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, California West Virginia, New Mexico, Michigan, Illinois, Montana, Canada and many other North American locations.

Come to us to sell your oil royalties and sell gas royalties to quickly convert your stream of income to a lump sum payment.

Offers depending upon certain evaluation parameters

  • How We Evaluate Your Royalties
  • Historical production performance
  • Decline curve and cash flow analysis
  • Reservoir characteristics
  • Current gas and oil pricing
  • Concentration risk (one well versus multiple wells as in a unit)
  • Age of production equipment
  • Future drilling possibilities
  • Operator

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