Lottery Payments

Congratulations of hitting the Lottery or Casino jackpot!. Reality sinking in, so many winners are surprised that their windfall is not living up to their dreams. Thats why CFIP is here to help you get the most out of your jackpot NOW not 20 years from now!

A million dollar prize—even a multi-million dollar award—just is not enough to radically change your life. That million dollar jackpot works out to just $36,000 a year, parceled out over the course of two decades

Cash for Annuity Payments, Sell My Structured Settlement: Lottery Payments

Your lottery winnings are disbursed through an agreement or lottery settlement that is paid out over 20 to 30 years, however you do not have to remain locked in to these annuity settlement terms. Now you can get lump sum cash for annuity payments or for future lottery settlement payments even if your installments were structured to be paid:

  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Or through a periodic payment schedule

Cash Out Lottery Winnings: Settlement Payment Options

We offer some of the highest lump sum payment for lottery annuity settlement payments. If you would prefer an alternative income stream from your lottery winnings, consider selling your future structure settlement payments for a lump sum annuity payout. Capitalize on the lottery money you have won and access funds that are rightfully yours by:

  • Cashing in all
  • Only a portion
  • Or cashing in a percentage of your settlement payments

What are the advantages of converting my lottery winnings for a lump sum cash Payments? There are many advantages for lottery winners who want to sell their future structure settlement payments for a lump sum annuity payout.

  • Buy a home
  • Pay off debt, high interest credit cards
  • Start a business or pay college

Future Lump Sum lottery settlement payments can be worth a lot more now, than they will be later and you can access any portion of your annuity.

Cash Now-Casino Jackpot Winnings into Cash

CFIP offers the highest cash payouts for future payments from casino jackpot winnings. Winnings from mega jackpots seem insignificant when paid out over a typical 20 to 30 years. We can help you carry that good fortune forward with a lump sum cash payout for:

  • All your future settlement payments
  • Only a portion of your future installment payments
  • Or a percentage of your casino winnings future payments


  • Lottery Award Letter (from state lottery commission)
  • Most recent Lottery Check or Check Stub
  • Copy of bank statement showing deposit – If direct deposit
  • Two forms of identification (one must be clear photo I.D.)
  • Copy of Marriage License (if applicable)
  • Copy of Divorce Decree(s) and property settlement(s) (if applicable)
  • Front page of most recent Tax Return
  • Copies of any Assignments, Revisions, or other important payments related to your lottery winnings
  • Copies of important papers related to your bankruptcy discharge, (if applicable)

Cash Flow Investment Partners, LLC can help you sell lottery payments for the highest lump sum cash payouts available today.

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