Advances for Inheritance

Cash Advances for Inheritance Stuck in Probate?

Looking for a cash advance, Cash Flow Investment Partners can help. We can provide a cash advance of $5,000 to $1 million, usually within 5 - 7 business days of receiving your completed application.

Cash Flow Investment Partners offers competitive pricing and fast and courteous service.

No Credit or Employment is NO PROBLEM Cash Flow Investment Partners provides fast cash advances to heirs of probate estates.

This is a CASH ADVANCE and there is no interest and you do not have to make monthly payments for the cash advance.

The heir or beneficiary never directly makes, nor is responsible for any payments to CFIP. Upon distribution of the estate, CFIP receives a fixed amount of money from your share of the estate. The rest of the inheritance is distributed directly to you, the heir.


  • CFIP inheritance cash advances are not loans. The advances have no interest rate or payment schedule of any kind. Credit history and income are not a problem!
  • With a probate advance, you can receive inheritance cash in less than a week instead of months or even years. When you receive a advance, you simply assign a portion of your future inheritance. Once you apply and get your money, your work is done! We work directly with the court, probate attorney and Personal Representatives of the estate to collect our funds directly.
  • The dollar figure for the set cost of a probate advance depends on a number of facts about the particular estate. These include the complexity of your inheritance, whether or not real estate is involved, and how long we think it will take for the court to distribute your inheritance and pay us back.


1. Eligibility?
Any heir inheriting at least $25,000 from a probate estate which is already open or is in the process of being opened is eligible.

2. What does CFIP receive in return for the cash advance?
In return for a cash advance from CFIP, the heir sells to (or "assigns" to) CFIP the right to receive a fixed amount of money out of the heir's share of the probate estate.

3. What are the criteria that determine the cost of an inheritance advance from CFIP?
The size of the advance, complexity of the probate estate, and the estimated time to distribution are the major factors affecting pricing.

4. Are there minimums and maximums for cash advanced by CFIP to an heir?
As a rough rule of thumb, assume the advance cannot exceed 30% of an heir's expected distribution from a probate estate. Advances range from $15,000 to $1,000,000.

5. What happens if a previously unknown creditor makes a claim on the probate estate?
There is no personal liability for payment of the advance.

6. What happens if a previously unknown creditor makes a claim on the probate estate?
CFIP takes the loss. The heir is not liable to pay back the assignment unless, of course, the heir was aware of the claim(s) and failed to tell CFIP about it in the application process.

7. What happens if the distribution of the probate estate is delayed?
CFIP must wait; there is no recourse to the funded heir for any delays in the distribution. The assignment does not accrue interest or go up in value, no matter how long the distribution is delayed.

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