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These Cash Annuities are all approved by a judge via a signed court order and are assigned directly to the investor. CFIP acts as a broker in the transaction and arranges all the legal work. CFIP never touches the money as funds are transferred directly through an attorney's escrow account, and is only released to the seller of the payments once ownership of the asset has been transferred directly to the investor

The Process for Immediate Annuity

  • CFIP generates leads from advertising and direct email campaigns.
  • Potential sellers contact our office and negotiate a lump sum for their future payments.
  • CFIP enters into a contract and seeks a court order for the legal change of ownership of the payments
  • The process to sell annuities takes between 60-90 days until the court order is approved by a judge.
  • The investor chooses a structured settlement transaction to purchase.
  • The investor deposits the funds in our attorney's trust account, which will only be released after all of the above conditions are met.
  • The contract and court orders are then assigned to the investor, and the insurance company will send an acknowledgment letter to the investor that states the investor is the new legal owner of the payments, and that the payments will be paid directly to the investor
  • CFIP delivers a complete closing package of over 150 pages of documents to the investor.

CFIP encourages the use of an attorney or CPA for the diligence although it is not required. We are glad to schedule a conference call with our attorneys.

To invest in structured settlements or lottery payments, annuity leads simply contact our office and ask for a list of available investments. A minimum of $25,000 is required to invest with Cash Flow Investment Partners.

We have different transactions available in order to accommodate different investment needs. We have transactions that start with monthly payments due today, as well as transactions that start in the future for investors seeking retirement or college funds.

Please contact us with any further questions, and to make sure that you are on the current Cash Flow Investment Partners e-mail list, and we will notify you as soon as new transactions become available.

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