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Borrow Against Your Future Entertainment Royalty Payments

Cash Flow Investment Partners provides CASH advances for commercial entertainment royalties; We pay cash advances to actors, singers, writers, dancers, artists, radio DJs, entertainers, authors, and performers for their pending royalties. 

If you're a legal beneficiary of residuals or royalty payments stemming from TV shows, movies, books, albums, or radio shows and you could use some CASH NOW. We'll provide you with a cash advance of from $20,000 to $50,000,000. 

NOTE: We only advance on the future payments; policy ownership remains the property of the royalty beneficiary. After the payout period ends, any and all future remaining payments will automatically revert to the policy holder. 

  • Min. Size of Advance: $30,000.
  • Max. Size of Advance: $50,000,000.


What Information is Required:


Below find a comprehensive list of what we are going to need to do our full "due diligence" investigation. There is a lot here - the more we can get the better the evaluation.

- Name, address, tax id number, and legal status of owner of songs (the owner as shown in the Copyright Office registration and ASCAP)

- Song by song list, showing author and publisher, copyright registration data, and recording information

- List of songwriters currently under contract, including contract date, current period and options, ongoing advance obligations

- List of unrecouped advance balances to songwriters 

- List of subpublishing licenses, including date of release, territory, term, retention and collection period, advances and unrecouped balances

- List of any other advances recoupable from earnings

- List of print contracts (including terms)

- Recording agreement controlled composition provisions for all songs

- Copies of copyright documents, including registrations, assignments, etc.

- List of the names, addressed, and ages of all the songwriters and their spouses and children, if any of the major compositions are pre-1978

- All corporate docs of seller

- Copies of all source royalty statements received by company from record companies, the harry fox agency, performance societies, subplusher, etc. (5 yrs).

- Copies of all royalty statements issued to songwriters, copublishers, etc. (5 yrs)

- Company accounting books (5ys)

- All available financial summaries relating to the compositions

- Seller's fed tax returns (5yrs)

- Authorization executed by Seller authorizing BMI, ASCAP, and other societies to turn over complete song lists, statements, and account status.

- Documentation on any pending claims or litigations relating to the catalog, including audit claims

- Copy of publishers current society and harry fox agreements.

- List of all mechanical licenses, including song title, artist, label, selection number and release date.

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